Development Services

Portals - Re-Code can provide you with unique portals made to fulfill all of your needs and expectations. During development process our team uses technologies like Rails and PHP.

Mobile Applications - Mobile App's are becoming even more important on IT Market then Portals. Our Team can provide you with high quality Android and iOS Applications.

Graphics - Sometime design of product is the most important thing, to keep up with this idea Our Team is full of talented graphic designers. Whose work you can appreciate on every of our projects!


If you are not happy with current company you cooperate with in terms of maintenance or you are just searching for one you can contact us! In Re-Code we know well how important it is to build a good relationship with our clients so you can be sure that all of maintenance work are done correctly and on time.

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itCover.me is our made to measure solution for all kinds of companies that need IT support.

What we offer by this solution is a profesional IT support for a percentage of cost you would incurred by hiring programmers, graphic designers etc.